Oasis 2.0

Early Intervention, Reimagined

Oasis Helps k-12 and higher education institutions support Student, Faculty, and Staff wellbeing With Access To Mental Health Professionals and Evidence-Based Content

Oasis Education Early Intervention Mental Health Support

We Build Resiliency
And Eliminate Wait Times


Integrating with counseling centers to provide brief intervention and psychoeducation


Equipping the school community with tools to make services more accessible and convenient


Improving adolescent patient outcomes with a tech-forward approach

Unlimited Support Counseling

Instantly cut wait times and reduce caseloads!

Same Day Appointments

Students, faculty, and staff can use our online scheduler to easily book Support Counseling sessions. Sessions are available within the same day!

After Hours Support

Support Counseling Sessions can be scheduled 7 days a week between 12pm and 3am EST. ​

Easy Referrals

Counseling centers can easily schedule low-risk individuals with Oasis to reduce their caseload.

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90% of Oasis Support Sessions Result in Reduced Stress

Building Stress Tolerance, Growth Mindsets and Self Efficacy

Personalized Learning Paths

Stress and resiliency screenings create personalized course learning paths based on the results.

Self Assessments Library

Our assessment library helps track wellbeing and understand growth opportunities.


Select daily moods and overall interests to get tailored content recommendations. 

On-Demand Courses

Engaging, self-paced courses on key mental health and wellbeing topics.

Analytics & Customizations

Administrator Analytics Dashboard

Data Analytics

Generate custom reports to get the data you need on dates, usage, content, moods, and more. ​

Content Management

Add your own articles, videos, courses, documents, and links to the Oasis platform.

Student Engagement

Send messages, add contact cards, and link to web pages.

Assign Courses

Assign courses and learning paths to specific users and view their completion progress.

Why Students Love Oasis

Fast Support  ·  Easy to Use  ·  Helpful Tools  ·  Reliable Content

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