10 Tips For A Body Positive Thanksgiving

10 Tips For A Body Positive Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving can be a very stressful holiday for those struggling with body image. Here are 10 tips for a body-positive Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving can be a very stressful holiday for those struggling with body image. Here are 10 tips for a body positive Thanksgiving!

1. Remind Yourself That This is Just One Meal on One Day

Give yourself permission to fully enjoy everything on your plate! Also, remind yourself that you plan to go back to normal eating tomorrow and you don’t plan to diet. One meal doesn’t change anything and starting to diet only sets you up for strong cravings and urges to overeat during the coming weeks.

2. Set Aside Some Time For Self Care

Set Aside Some Time For Self Care

Take some time before and after your meals to do something you enjoy. It could be anything. Reading a book, journaling, watching a show, playing a game, yoga, browse social media, etc.

3. Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

Have some body positive affirmations to help you through the stress of the holiday. Here are some of our favorites, courtesy of Ruth at NourishMentor. She recommends saying these statements 3 times daily for at least one week with emotion! Make them more powerful as you take on a strong posture in front of a mirror.

  • I’m allowed to have my body
  • There is nothing wrong with my body
  • I don’t have to change my body
  • I’m proud of my body
  • I accept my body in defiance against society’s toxic expectations
  • I practice listening to my body
  • My body is a gift
  • I give my body gratitude
  • I give my body grace
  • I offer my body self-compassion
  • I focus on what my body does, not how it looks

4. Avoid Talking About Your Weight or Other’s Weight

Commenting on weight, in a positive or negative way, places importance on weight. Weight does not define someone!

5. Prepare For Unwanted Comments

Prepare For Unwanted Comments

Think about what you might say if someone makes a comment about your food or anything else that is uncomfortable for you.

6. Avoid Body Checking Activities

Avoid Body Checking Activities

Resist the urge to pinch your stomach, weigh yourself, or stare at parts of your body in the mirror.

7. Don’t Discuss How To Burn The Calories

Don't Discuss How To Burn The Calories

Exercise should not be a punishment for eating. Talking about how you’ll have to go to the gym later or run for miles could also validate someone with an eating disorder that might normally have those kinds of negative thoughts.

8. Set Healthy Boundaries

Set Healthy Boundaries

Tell people that you don’t want to discuss body size, weight, food choices, eating habits, etc.

9. Avoid Mentioning What Is or Is Not On A Plate

Avoid Mentioning What Is or Is Not On A Plate

Commenting on food choices can make someone feel like they are doing something wrong or like everyone is watching them.

10. Reserve Judgement

Reserve Judgement

Don’t judge anybody for what they eat on Thanksgiving. Everybody’s eating patterns get messed up on thanksgiving!

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