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Counseling & Therapy
Mary-Jo Enriquez

Why You Should Consider Therapy

Being a teenager can be hard at times. A mental health professional such as a therapist, counselor, psychologist, or social worker can help by giving you a safe space to talk about your problems, teach you coping mechanisms, and help you manage your emotions better.

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Should Anger Be Normalized?
Guest Blog
Tannía Dueñas, AMFT

How To Prevent and Manage Anger

Anger is an emotion that is not linear and it manifests differently in each person. Many times anger also brings harmful feelings of shame or guilt shortly after we experience an anger outburst. Read more about the potential roots of anger, the function of it, and a few tips to prevent or manage it.

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The Effects of Social Media on Body Image
Body Image
Jacqueliné Garcia, LCSW

The Devastating Effects of Social Media on Body Image

There is no doubt that there is a great pressure in society for young people to fit many social norms. When examining body image, many young teens are pressured to fit an ideal body image especially with the popularity of social media. It is hard not to be influenced by social media’s “ideal” body type.

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Are Teens Misunderstood
Guest Blog
Rebecca Edwards

Are Teenagers Misunderstood?

Do you feel that you are treated like a child, yet expected to be an adult in challenging circumstances? Do you think unrealistic expectations are put on you to make difficult decisions during challenging times? Are those choices too scary or too overwhelming, causing you to shut down emotionally and mentally? 

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Learning To Love Yourself
Guest Blog
Jorge Coxaj

4 Ways To Stop Hating Yourself

Learning to love yourself can take time, work, and lots of effort, but it is worth it! You are worthy of love. Not because of something you have done or not done. You are worthy of love because you are alive and your life matters!

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How Your Pediatrician Impacts You Mental Health
Guest Blog
Tessa Commers, MD, FAAP

How Your Pediatrician Impacts Your Mental Health

Millions of teenagers don’t get the mental health treatment they need. Many teens try to get help from therapists, counselors, and psychologists, but it can take almost a month to schedule an appointment. Luckily, pediatricians can around for urgent or temporary help. They can also prescribe medications to improve your life!

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