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Young girl looking at title: "Not Everything is Trauma" by Dr. Lisa Lopez Levers
Lisa López Levers, PhD, LPCC-S, LPC, CRC, NCC

Not Everything Is Trauma!

The term “trauma” is increasingly used in both professional and pop culture contexts, often excessively. While trauma originally denotes a severe emotional response to a terrible event, its overuse risks trivializing genuine trauma. Understanding true trauma is crucial, especially in schools, to distinguish between actual trauma and lesser adversities. This article explores the misuse of ‘trauma’ and offers guidance for better discernment in educational settings.

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Oasis Team

Understanding Trauma: Causes, Symptoms, Wellbeing Strategies

Trauma is an intense emotional response to an unspeakable, horrible, or terrifying event. Some examples of traumatic events include; being in an accident, death of a friend or loved one, divorce, gun violence, being bullied, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, natural disasters, or war to name a few.

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