Oasis Support Chat

On-Demand 1:1 Support

Live, 24/7 Support & Crisis Triage Through Text-Based Messaging

Oasis Support Chat

Preferred Communication Method​

The Oasis Support Chat utilizes anonymous chat messaging. Students tend to prefer our chat to a call line because it is a less intimidating way to get support.

Mitigates Demand on Counseling Centers

The Oasis Chat meets students where they are in their moment of need. Most inquiries and concerns can be resolved with a quick chat, thus reducing counseling center visits!

Customizable To Fit Your Needs

Our Support Chat staffing, hours, and level of support are customizable to fit your institution's needs.

Support Chat Staffing

Chat Staffing Options

Oasis 360

Our team of trained specialists and supervisors staff the chat. In addition, our care coordinators will follow up with students after their chat for referrals and other information.

Oasis Assist

A hybrid approach where Oasis works with you to train master-level counseling students from your institution to staff the chat. Our team will take care of the supervision and care coordination.

Oasis Share

Oasis also offers our white-labeled chat software and training curriculums so your institution can completely staff, supervise and manage the support chat. Don't worry, we will still be there for any technical support needed!

Support Options

Support Chat Coaching

Support Chat

Non-crisis chat for emotional
support, information, or a referral.
If a student is in crisis, the app will quickly direct them to appropriate
crisis resources.

Support Chat Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Follow-up conversations that connect students to campus and community
based resources to ensure they don't fall through the cracks.

Support Chat Crisis Management

Crisis Triage

The Support Chat can also help triage students in crisis. Students will be directed to campus crisis services while the Counseling Center is immediately notified of the student in crisis.

Hours of Operation

Depending on your needs, the Oasis Support Chat can be made available to students at any time. A lot of our partners find that after-hour support is enough. However, we can also make the chat available 24/7 or whatever blocks of time you would need!

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Support Chat for Crisis Intervention
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