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Tailored Mental Health Solutions for Colleges with Limited Counseling and Mental Health Resources.

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Scale & Expand Mental Health Services

Our continuum of modular services follows a cost-effective, stepped-care model, assisting counselors in mental health promotion, early intervention, prevention, and, when necessary, treatment and recovery.

Oasis Solutions

Instant Support & Reduced Caseloads

Oasis eliminates wait times for mental health support and reduces overwhelming caseloads for counseling center staff.

Unmatched Accessibility

Free Access, No Insurance Needed

Oasis offers unlimited and completely free Support Counseling sessions while eliminating the need for insurance in Teletherapy.

Disability & Language Settings

Oasis content can be easily translated into over 30 different languages. We also ensure accessibility with settings for contrast, text sizes, voice control, closed captioning, alt text, and more!

24/7 Availability

Oasis Support Counselors are available 24/7/365 to help student manage and overcome stressful situations.

iOS, Android, & Web

Students, faculty, and staff can access Oasis anytime and anywhere. Download our iOS or Android app or access from any web browser.​

Eliminating Barriers for Community & Technical College Students

Flexible Access

Students can access Oasis anytime and anywhere, making it perfect for commuting or online students.

Cultural Empathy

We prioritize cultural competence, diversity, and inclusive support in a safe, multicultural environment for all students.

Supportive Peer Community

Oasis peer support forums empower students to share lived experiences in a safe and anonymous space.

Limited or No Counseling Resources?

Comprehensive Screening & Triage


Use our HIPAA complaint referral form to schedule a student for a screening.


An Oasis Licensed Mental Health Professional will screen the student over video or phone for various symptoms and stressors.


Based on our screening results, we will provide a personalized care plan with interventions available from Oasis, your school, and your community.


Our screening results and care plan are recorded on our HIPAA compliment platform and are available for you to review as needed.

Screening & Triage

Supporting Faculty & Staff

Oasis also has unique content, tools, guides, and training for your faculty and staff. 

Professional Development Trainings

Mental Health Coaching

Student Wellbeing Guides

Customizable Email Templates & Scripted Scenarios

Why Students Love Oasis

"I am happy to finally see a mental health app with such an engaging user interface. Oasis is so easy to use that I can't help but keep coming back for features like daily mood monitoring and support chat when I need it!"

Jen, Student

"This mental health application is a necessary resource in the lives of anyone. There is plenty of content from scholarly literature to guide individuals through life situations and troubles."

Ethan, Student

"I love this app! I love the journal because it helps me to reflect daily. Reflecting allows me to de-stress at the end of each day. I am very appreciative to have this resource."

Tommy, Student

we’re here to all your questions

Yes! The Oasis platform can be completely customized with your schools branding, information, content, and more! You can also choose which Oasis services to enable. This ensures a perfect fit with your budget and existing services. 

The Oasis Support Counseling Chat and Peer Support Community are monitored 24/7 by licensed mental health professionals with at least 5 years of experience. 

Oasis is built using an ISO 27001-certified platform and is HIPAA and FERPA-compliant. Our security is made up of a complex array of physical, technological, and administrative controls and privacy policies that protect all 18 types of electronic Private Health Information (ePHI)

Our cultural competence is reflected in our commitment to accepting and respecting differences, engaging in continuous self-assessment on cultural matters, and paying careful attention to the dynamics of diversity.

We actively expand our cultural knowledge and resources, recognizing the unique characteristics within various minority groups and sub-groups.

Our approach involves hiring unbiased employees from diverse backgrounds, seeking advice from minority communities, and making informed decisions about the services we can provide.

Our support model is person-centered, trauma informed and grounded on cultural humility; providing students a safe space to share their experiences and challenges as they relate to their unique backgrounds.

By fostering a multicultural environment, we support our staff in navigating cross-cultural situations to enhance services for diverse students.

No! There is no teletherapy session limit for individual students. Oasis will provide an agreed upon number of teletherapy sessions that can be used by any student. You can allow students to schedule their own teletherapy appointments or control these through referrals. Your institution can always purchase more sessions if nearing the sessions cap for that semester or year. 

Note: Support Counseling Chat Sessions are unlimited and have no usage cap! 

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