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Oasis offers content and live chat to support personal wellbeing and classroom management skills.​

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Oasis Faculty Support Chat

24/7 Live Support

On-Demand Support for Emotional Support, Class Room Management Tips, Referrals, and General Information.


On-Demand Connection

Connect with am Oasis Support Specialist in under 60 seconds. We are always here to help 24/7/365.

Personal Support

Faculty and Staff can start a chat about any day-to-day problem that might be causing them distress.

Classroom Support

The Oasis Support Chat can also provide tips, best practices, and general support for student and classroom management.

Increase Access to Quality Mental Health Care and Classroom Management Coaching.

Classroom Management Tools

Faculty and staff are often the first contact a student in distress or crisis makes. Knowing how to respond can ease faculty and staff anxiety, which leads to better support for the student in need.

Email Templates

Editable templates for how to respond to a variety of situations. Such as how to check in on a student or how to support a student after a tragedy or loss.

Student Scenarios

Scripted scenarios based on real-life experiences to enhance student interaction skill sets.

Guides & Factsheets

Easily accessible information that guides facutly and staff through best practices and keeps them informed on the best student support strategies.

Classroom Management Support
Guided Wellbeing Exercises

Self-Care Content

Self-paced content and wellbeing tools to help develop resistance and emotional intelligence.


Guided Wellness Exercises

Short video exercises offer helpful tips on grounding techniques, breathing exercises, managing emotions, mindfulness practices, productivity, and more!

Self-Paced Artilces

Clinically reviewed articles that are written from a strength-based approach by subject matter experts. Articles highlight lived experiences, wellbeing strategies, and more!

Mood Log

Employees can log their moods each day to get customized recommendations and quick tips that fit their current moods.

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