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On-Demand Mental Health Support App For Students

The free oasis platform gives your institution the building blocks to help students develop and strengthen their ability to engage life’s challenges!

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Student App

Self-Paced Resources to Improve Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Admin Dashboard

Data Analytics, Communication Tools, and Customizable Features

Implementation Guide

A Step-By-Step Playbook to Successfully Launch Oasis and Drive Student Engagement

1. Student Mental Health App

Evidenced Based Articles & Videos

200+ Articles and animated videos created from a strength-based approach by clinical topic experts.

Campus Information

A customizable page that gives students streamlined access to web pages, files, and text of your choosing.

Guided Exercises

Short video exercises offer helpful tips on grounding techniques, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and more!

Mood Log

Students can log their moods each day to get customized recommendations and quick tips that fit their current moods. ​

2. Admin Dashboard

Data Analytics

  • Track App Downloads and Usage
  • Understand the most viewed content and pages
  • Overview of student moods

Student Engagement

  • Link Directly To Social Media Pages
  • List Services Available to Students
  • Add Contact Cards And Embed Web Pages Into The App

User Management

  • Control what students and staff have access to Oasis
  • Control features and permissions

3. Implementation Guide & Resources


Poster files that can be easily printed to help promote the app to students.

Download Cards

Business card files that include a QR code and instructions on how to download the app.

Event Templates

Templates and outlines for various on-campus wellbeing events to promote awareness for mental health and the Oasis App!

Knowledge Base

A comprehensive database on how to use each feature of the Oasis Platform.

Implementation Guide

A step-by-step guide that will help you successfully launch the app to students and drive engagement.

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