Jessica's Story

A Case Study

Jessica's Story Oasis Case Study

Meet Jessica

Jessica* (not real name) is a 19-year-old college student.

Growing up, Jessica battled negative self-talk and self-defeating beliefs that were deeply rooted in her past. These struggles shaped her emotions and how she coped with stress. When she began college, these difficulties intensified, leading her to have panic attacks. 

Initial Struggles and College Transition:

Jessica had been making some progress through previous therapy experiences, but her everyday stressors often took center stage, limiting the depth of her therapy sessions. That’s when she turned to our Oasis Support Counseling services, although she had her doubts. 

Empowering Progress and Tailored Support:

Jessica’s experience with Oasis was transformative. In just a few sessions, she not only learned how to manage her emotions better, but also discovered a platform that complemented her therapy sessions. 

 Here’s how Oasis made a difference: 

  • Personalized Conversations: Jessica could direct conversations according to her needs. 
  • Healthy Coping Strategies: She delved into effective coping techniques and self-care practices. 
  • Increased Stress Tolerance: Jessica gained confidence in managing stress. 
  • Navigating Challenges: She developed skills to recognize and navigate tough situations. 

With every session, Jessica’s resilience grew, reducing her reliance on weekly therapy for day-to-day stress management. 

Continued Growth and Looking Ahead:

While challenges continue to emerge, especially during demanding academic periods, Jessica now has the tools to navigate these moments. Oasis Support Counseling services have been instrumental in fueling her personal empowerment and providing essential support for lasting change. By challenging her self-doubts and fostering healthier coping strategies, Jessica is on a path of personal growth and improved therapy outcomes.  

Ricardo Guerra-Caban, Phd

Quote from Ricardo Guerra Gaban

Director of Support Counseling

In mental health support, we often meet individuals seeking solace between therapy sessions, feeling the weight of their emotions as scheduled appointments approach. Oasis Support Counseling acts as a crucial bridge during these moments for students like Jessica.

As Oasis Support Counselors, our focus is on empowering individuals to access their inner strengths. Recognizing the complexity of the healing journey, we nurture self-reliance, build stress-tolerance skills, and help apply therapeutic insights to daily life.

At our core, we offer a simple yet profound assurance: no one faces their struggles alone. Many of our chatters grapple with feelings of inadequacy, seeking reassurance and understanding. Oasis Support Counselors provide a compassionate ear, encouragement, and an authentic connection that aids the therapeutic process. We serve as reliable companions on the path to mental well-being, understanding the importance of genuine human connection. Our approach reflects this understanding, offering a lifeline of support that acknowledges users’ experiences and seamlessly complements their ongoing therapy.

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