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Reimagining Preventative Mental Health Support for K-12 Students, Educators, and Parents

Support For Your School Community

Our prevention and early intervention approach empowers students and educators to overcome mental health challenges. 

By leveraging technology-based tools, we equip the school community with the necessary tools and make services more accessible and convenient.


On-demand support from mental health professionals and evidence-based content to improve mental health and learning.

Faculty & Staff

Professional development training, student engagement tips, & resources to support their wellbeing.

Parents & Guardians

Support to encourage open lines of communication, understanding, and collaboration between home and school. 

About Oasis for K-12

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Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Our tiered supports meet the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all students, educators, parents, and administrators

Oasis Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Unmatched Access to
Mental Health Professionals

We believe that no one should have to wait for mental health support

Oasis Support Counseling

Same Day Appointments

Students, staff, and parents can use our online scheduler to easily book Support Counseling sessions. Sessions are available within the same day!

After Hours Support

Support Counseling Sessions can be scheduled 7 days a week between 12pm and 3am EST. ​

Trained Counselors & Supervisors

Staffed by Oasis Support Counselors who are trained in Motivational Interviewing and Brief Intervention strategies. All conversations are supervised by licensed mental health professionals.

Oasis Support Counseling Chat
90% of Oasis Support Sessions Result in Reduced Stress

Building Resilience
And Cultivating Grit

On-Demand Courses

Engaging, self-paced courses on key mental health and wellbeing topics.

Self Assessments Library

Our assessment library helps track wellbeing and understand growth opportunities.


Select daily moods and overall interests to get tailored content recommendations. 

Personalized Learning Paths

Stress and resiliency screenings create personalized course learning paths based on the results.

Teacher & Parent Support

Our platform provides teachers and parents access to mental health professionals and tailored content, enabling effective support for their students and children.

Oasis Teacher Staff Platform


Tailored Content & Resources

An attractive employee benefit that provides personal wellness support, tailored content, and student assistance resources.

Parent Support Platform


Holistic Family Wellbeing

Mental health support and education to encourage communication  and collaboration between home and school.

Why It Matters

How Mental Health Impacts Student Success and Learning Environments

1 %

of adolescents with mental health needs do not receive proper treatment (Mental Health First Aid).

1 %

of students with emotional, behavioral, and mental health disorders graduate from high school, compared to the national average of 76% (US Dept of Ed).

1 %

of educators report that feeling burned out is a significant problem in their profession (National Education Association).

Create Positive System-Wide Change

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