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Integrated Wellbeing Program For
K-12 School Districts

On-demand support and long-term solutions that give teachers, staff, and students the tools to be successful, inside and outside of the classroom

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How We Help

Our comprehensive program provides mental health resources to help students get back to learning and teachers back to teaching.

For Students

On-demand support from mental health professionals and evidenced-based content to improve mental health and learning.

For Faculty & Staff

Classroom management tools with additional resources to support their mental and emotional health.

For District Administration

A customized district assessment & roadmap to guide you on how to best support your students, teachers, and families. 

for students

Personalized Support For Any Stage In Their Wellbeing Journey

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Immediate 1:1 Support

Mental Health Professionals guide students through life's adversities with solution-focused support and recommendations.

Campus Communication

Private and secure communication tools enhance the connection between students and school administrators.

Self-Paced Content & Tools

Evidence-Based articles, exercises, and tools provide information & wellbeing strategies to improve social and emotional learning.

Why Students Love Oasis

On-Demand Support  ·  Easy to Use  ·  Helpful Tools  ·  Reliable Content

for faculty & staff

Classroom Management & Wellbeing Support

24/7 Live Support

The Oasis Faculty Chat supports educator's own wellbeing anytime, anywhere

Self-Paced Content

  • Articles on mental health, wellbeing, and workplace topics
  • Editable email templates to help craft sensitive emails
  • Scripted scenarios to help respond to student concerns

Professional Development Trainings

Full or half-day trainings that give your staff the knowledge and skills they need to meet the growing demand for mental health support.

Educator Professional Coaching

1:1 Coaching with a seasoned educator who will support and improve your teachers' knowledge, competencies, and skills.

The Oasis K-12 Comprehensive Approach

By: Matt Walsh, PhD, LPC, NCC

Chief Clinical Officer

for district administrators

Guidance Using Best Practices and Evidence-Based Strategies

Assessment & Roadmap

Our team will conduct mental health and climate assessments to provide step-by-step MTSS recommendations.

Mental Health Awareness Campaigns

We'll provide your district with everything needed to launch quarterly mental health awareness campaign to your students, families, faculty, and staff.

Create Positive System-Wide Change

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