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Prevention & Early Intervention Support

Oasis Helps K-12 and Higher education institutions support Student, Faculty, and Staff Wellbeing With On-Demand Access To Mental Health Professionals and Evidence-Based Content

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How It Works | Student App

Personalized Support For Any Stage In Their Wellbeing Journey ​

Immediate 1:1 Support

Mental Health Professionals guide students through life's adversities with solution-focused support and recommendations.

Campus Communication

Private and secure communication tools enhance the connection between students and school administrators.

Self-Paced Content & Tools

Evidence-Based articles, exercises, and tools provide self-paced information & wellbeing strategies.

Why Students Love Oasis

On-Demand Support  ·  Easy to Use  ·  Helpful Tools  ·  Reliable Content

Not Only For Students

Dedicated Faculty & Staff App

24/7 Live Support

The Oasis Faculty Chat supports educator's own wellbeing anytime, anywhere

Self-Paced Content

Over 200 articles on mental health, wellbeing, and workplace topics.

Email Templates

Editable email templates that give you back valuable time and lessen emotional energy to craft sensitive emails.

Scripted Scenarios

Scripted scenarios based on real interactions, increasing competency, and tools to respond to evolving student concerns and classroom management.

Increase Your Student's and Staff's Access to Quality Mental Health Care

Administrator Dashboard

Customize and Analyze The Oasis Platform

Oasis Admin Dashboard

Data Analytics

  • Track App Downloads and Usage
  • Understand the most viewed content and pages
  • Overview of student moods
  • History of Support Chats

Content Management

  • Manage content available to students
  • Customizable to integrate university content
  • Add contact cards and embed webpages into the app

Student Engagement

  • Send Push Notifications to App Users
  • Link Directly To Social Media Pages
  • List services available to students

Why Choose Oasis?

Our comprehensive model of care engages students at any stage of their wellbeing, leading to high app utilization and decreased counseling center demand.

Prevention & Intervention

Oasis provides proactive care to prevent or mitigate the effects of mental illness and crisis situations.

Mitigate Demand. Eliminate Waitlists.

Self-paced content and engaging tools help improve emotional intelligence and are perfect for between counseling sessions. 

The Oasis Support Chat provides 24/7 access to trained mental health specialists that provide on-demand support.

Student Retention

By offering accessible and engaging mental health support, students can more easily manage their emotions, leading to increased success and retention.

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Find out how Oasis is supporting over 100,000 students worldwide.​

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