Our Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships have enabled unmatched accessibility to secure and comprehensive mental health care.

Oasis Education Pricing
Adaptive Telehealth

Adaptive Telehealth

Adaptive Telehealth (ATH) is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform with training and coaching.

ATH has more HIPAA-complaint features than any other software on the marketing, including Business Associate Agreements, online scheduling, billing, video meetings, secure messaging, document sharing, admin controls, clinical notes, and more! 

Our partnership with ATH has enabled Oasis to offer the highest standard of data security, additional Teletherapy tools, and a comprehensive and integrated Electronic Health Record platform.

Divorce Right

Divorce Right offers HR training, divorce awareness, sensitivity, compassion training programs, and divorce coaching and management services. They reduce the impact of divorce on your company’s culture and bottom line.

They offer clear efficient direction, understand how to move resiliently through extreme stress, and provide resources for each unique scenario.

Our partnership with Divorce Right has provided additional expertise, content, and resources to help our students, faculty, staff, and families navigate divorce.

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