Meeting the PCCD Behavioral Health Baseline Criteria

Oasis Education has programs and services that meet the revised Behavioral Health Baseline Criteria.

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February 29th, 2024

Revised Behavioral Health Baseline Criteria

Below are each of the SSSC criteria points and how Oasis can help you meet each level.

(*) Indicates the service is applicable at all 3 levels

A. Student Assistance & Behavioral Health Support Assessment

Needs assessment & resource mapping *

Assessments for each educational level of the school entity

Assessments for each school in school entity ​

B. Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Care Navigation, Support Counselling, custom learning pathways

Specialized staff and student training programs

C. Mental/Behavioral Health Personnel & Services/Support

Mental Health Awareness & Promotion

Mental Wellness and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs, Support Counseling, Care Navigation


D. School Climate

School Climate Surveys*

Analysis & Improvement Plan

Development & Implementation of Programs Based on Key Findings

E. Staff Training

Staff Training Programs Classroom Management

Staff Training Programs Positive behavior supports, de-escalation techniques, appropriate responses to student behavior

Advanced Staff Training Programs

F. Trauma Informed Approach Plan

Training on youth-focused mental health first aid for school employees to help recognize signs of mental health distress in students

Trauma Informed Plans for each educational level of the school entity

Plan Fidelity Evaluations

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