24/7 Moderated Peer Support for Student Mental Health

Fostering a Safe and Supportive Environment for Guided Peer Learning and Support.

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Comprehensive Peer Support Tailored for Students and Educators

24/7 Licensed Moderators

The Oasis peer-to-peer community is moderated 24/7 by licensed mental health professionals, ensuring a respectful, constructive, and safe environment.

Customizable Group Discussions

Our groups feature allow for more targeted conversations between peers. Oasis has groups for different wellbeing topics and also for individual schools, districts, or systems.

Anonymous Peer-to Peer

Community members are anonymous to each other but can be identified by our licensed moderators if needed. All identifiable information is kept confidential.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

The Oasis peer community offers your entire student body with support at any time and from anywhere in the world. It can be accessed through our iOS and Android app or from any web browser.

Give Your Students Safe & Accessible Support

Anonymous and Monitored Peer Support

Scalable Support

Alleviating the strain on student services, our platform offers year-round support, ensuring mental health care extends beyond campus boundaries. This cost-effective solution broadens your reach, effectively supporting more students, whether they’re on-campus, studying abroad, or at home.

Scalable Peer Support

Customize & Integrate

Easily integrate your existing counseling services into Oasis including after-hours lines, school-specific resources, workshops, courses, programs, and more. 

Customize and Integrate Existing Services

Transparent Reporting

Our report dashboards offer real-time insights into registration, engagement, and incident reporting. These tools provide essential data on student wellbeing, helping you to understand and respond to key trends in your students’ mental health.

Transparent Reporting for Peer Support

Crisis Management

If a student indicates that they are a threat to themselves or others, our licensed community moderators can identify the student and connect them to the appropriate support resources. 

Crisis Management Support

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