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Elevate Emotional Intelligence

A fully-funded pilot program that teaches students stress management, resilience-building, emotional awareness, and thoughtful decision-making.

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How it Works

Equipping students with tools to navigate life's challenges with confidence

Implementation Planning

Oasis facilitates a kick-off meeting for in-school implementation of the multi-media RESET Method training program. We work with your school to choose dates and times that best suit your academic schedule. We train a school employee of your choosing with simple step-by-step instructions to facilitate the program. No prior experience or knowledge in the mental health field is required!

RESET Program

The designated school facilitator administers the RESET Method training over a 4 or 8-week period. As part of the RESET Method program, students gain access to the Oasis platform and app exercises to reinforce and apply the RESET Method and related skills. As an added bonus, enrolled students will have access to Oasis’ after-hours Support Counseling.

Program Results Consultation

After completion of the training, we will set up a consultation meeting to review the results of pre/post assessments of student learning. Based on the student assessment results, we will offer data-driven insights, recommendations, and potential next steps. We also will determine whether Oasis’ suite of stepped care supports and wellbeing interventions can fill gaps in your MTSS.

Kick Off Meeting

We'll host a kick-off meeting for in-school implementation of the RESET program to seamlessly integrate the trainings into the school day.

Admin Onboarding

Video tutorials will be provided with simple step-by-step instructions for running the RESET program. No prior experience in the mental health field is required!

RESET Trainings

The evidence-based student trainings take place over a 4-6 week period. The trainings will cover topics such as stress management, resilience-building, and effective coping strategies.

Oasis App

During the program, students will also download the Oasis App with access to after-hours Support Counseling and on-demand articles, videos, and guided meditations.

Results Consultation

At the end of the program, we'll deliver data-driven insights based on program assessment results to gauge the efficacy of the RESET program.

Next Steps

We'll recommended next steps to maximize supports for student and staff wellbeing as a part of your existing MTSS programming.

What is RESET?

The RESET method is a simple yet effective program created by licensed mental health professionals, helping students build student resilience, emotional regulation skills, and self-efficacy.

Let’s break it down: 


Recognize the Stressor


Examine Thoughts, Feelings, & Physical Sensations


Stay Curious


Explore Resources


Take Action


No Cost...

What's the Catch?

Funded By the Strong Mind Project

The Strong Mind Project is a non-profit that aims to use the creative force of visual storytelling to raise cultural awareness about mental health struggles, foster empathy, and make the unseen visible.

Zero Cost, Infinite Impact

Oasis RESET is funded by the Strong Mind Project for the Spring 2024 semester. Don’t miss your chance to sign up for this transformative student wellbeing program!

Transform Student Resilience with Oasis RESET

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