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1:1 text-based interventions with mental health professionals to help manage stress and promote resilience

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Immediate Support in the Palm of Their Hand

Stress Reduction & Problem Solving

Start a chat with a Support Counselor to talk through a stressful situation and collaborate on actionable solutions.

Same Day Availability

Most Support Counseling sessions are available within 15 minutes and are guaranteed within 24 hours.

Customizable Hours

Support Counseling sessions can be available 24/7 or customized to meet your staffing needs

Licensed Supervisors

Each Support Counselor is supervised by an experienced licensed mental health professional who can take over the chat if needed.


Don’t just take our word for it

In The Moment Support

Oasis Support counseling is there for students whenever they need it. Our counselors are available 24/7; most appointments can be scheduled within 15 minutes. Support Counseling Sessions are unlimited!

student talking with Oasis Support Counselor

Collaborative Action Plans

Support Counselors collaborate with the student to develop an action plan that addresses the issues and solutions discussed.

Action Plan

Enable Continuous Care

Oasis Support Counseling is perfect for providing students with professional support while they are waiting for therapy, between therapy appointments, or post-therapy maintenance.

Student Using Oasis Between Therapy Sessions

Built-In Care Navigation

Oasis Support Counselors can help students navigate existing campus resources, community services, and other tools and content in the Oasis app. 

Student getting information on other campus services with Oasis Care Navigation and Support Counseling
Counselor making a referral to Oasis Support Counseling

Reduce Caseload Demand

Counseling centers can easily schedule Support Counseling sessions for lower acuity presenting students. This will free up valuable time to support clinically appropriate students while reducing or eliminating student waitlists.

Our Support Counseling Model

Built on 3 phases to help chatters navigate their problems

Establishing a Partnership

Support Counselors create a safe environment through active engagement and supporting without judgment. The Support Counselor also helps focus the conversation on the problem the student wants to explore.

Exploring Stress & Tolerance

The Support Counselor asks about the student's current stress level and explores what is causing their stress and how it manifests. Understanding how stress affects us is crucial to figuring out how to manage it!

Building Resiliency & Focused Planning

Support Counselors help evoke solutions from the student rather than problem-solving on their behalf. Together, they explore strategies and share tips for stress tolerance, building resilience, and cultivating a growth mindset.

Student chatting with Oasis Support Counseling

Why do students reach out?

Oasis Support Counseling can help students navigate through any non-crisis situation. Here are some of the most common topics we support students with:

Level of Care

Oasis Support Counseling is a unique intervention that fits between peer or coaching support and psychotherapy. 

  • Psychotherapy

    Patient-client clinical intervention with a licensed mental health professional.

  • Oasis Support Counseling

    Trained mental health professionals provide non-clinical, focused support under licensed supervisors to reduce stress and promote resilience.

  • Peer Support / Coaching

    Support offered by peers with lived experience to provide empathy and empower personal growth.

Student feeling relief when chatting with an Oasis Support Counselor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Support Counseling a chatbot or artificial intelligence (AI)?

No, Oasis Support Counseling is not AI or a chatbot. Oasis Support Counselors are humans and trained mental health professionals! We only use a chatbot in the pre-session onboarding where we ask a few crisis screening questions, stress area domains, and initial stress score.  

Oasis Support Counselors are unlicensed professionals who have strong communication skills and 5 years of experience in the helping field. All Support Counselors complete an extensive 25-part training curriculum and are always overseen by Support Supervisors. 

Oasis Support Supervisors are licensed mental health professionals who oversee the Support Counselor’s work. Supervisors have at least a master’s degree in social work, counseling, or psychology and 2 years of experience in supervising and supporting staff in the mental health field. 

Our support modality is grounded in Motivational Interviewing (MI), which is a scientifically tested method for counseling and is viewed as an intervention strategy to respond to a person in crisis, treat lifestyle problems, and address unhealthy substance use and other risky behaviors. Our clinical model is observed and coached through a continuous quality improvement process that ensures fidelity to our model that supports the students, faculty, and staff we serve. Our trainings also focus on the principles of trauma-informed care and how to support special populations. 

Our Support Counseling reports give a de-identified overview of each session. You will get a live breakdown of the start time, duration, stress domain, stress subdomain, and topic tags. 

If a student is determined, in the professional judgment of the Oasis Counselor, or if the student selfidentifies as in-crisis, the student will be handed off to a higher-level counselor, or agreed upon crisis resources. During an emerging crisis, the counselor will stay in contact, either chat, phone or video, until the student is deemed safe, or an appropriate resource is co-engaged on the call. Select school administrators will be notified by email, text, or phone. A secure report is generated containing the student’s name, email, phone number, crisis indicator, handoff location, and handoff result.  

Yes. Oasis Support Counseling sessions are available up to 24/7/365 but we can also customize the scheduling availability to fit your needs and workflows.

English and Spanish speaking Support Counselors are available to chat with students. The Support Counseling chat can also be translated into 30 other languages with our real-time language translation setting.  

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