Individual Teletherapy for Students

1:1 Professional counseling by phone, chat, or video with an in-state licensed therapist

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Reduce Wait Times & Manage Caseloads

Fast Appointments

Students can get seen by a licensed and insured therapist in 72 hours or less.

After Hours Coverage

Appointments are available from 9am-10pm local time.

Easy Scheduling

Students can self-schedule with an Oasis therapist, or they can be referred by counseling center staff.

Therapist Match

Students can select their preferred therapist and appointment time. Students can also schedule with the same therapist or switch at any time.

Diverse Therapist Network

Our diverse partner network extends to all 50 states. Oasis will also work with you to find additional therapists in your area if needed.  

Oasis Diverse Therapist Network

No Session Limits or Insurance Needed

Students will have unlimited access to teletherapy appointments regardless of insurance access or provider. 

No Session Limit or Insurance Needed

Unmatched Security

Oasis data is encrypted in a SOC 2 Certified Datacenter specalizing in HIPAA and FERPA compliance. We also implement several administrative, physical, and technical controls.


Oasis HIPAA and FERPA Security

Realtime Data & Reporting

Your Oasis dashboard will include real-time data on usage, topics, trends, and more. EHR integrations are available. 

Realtime teletherapy usage data

Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need insurance to receive therapy through Oasis?

No! The cost of therapy is covered by the school, so students do not need to have insurance.

Oasis teletherapy sessions are 30 minutes long. 50-minute sessions can be arranged if needed. 

Students can schedule therapy sessions at any time through their Oasis app. Counselors or select administrators can also make appointments for students. 

We recruit licensed and insured therapists in your state to match the student population of our contracted customers. Requests for certain therapist demographics can be made. 

The number of sessions is based on your student enrollment. There is no limit on sessions for individual students unless requested by institution administrators. 

Students will also have access to Oasis Support Counseling, peer support, self-guided content, and wellbeing tools. All this is included at no additional cost to our teletherapy services! 

Sessions are available through video, phone, and chat. Video and chat sessions will be hosted on a secure and HIPAA compliant Zoom meeting. 

Pricing is based on student enrollment and your selected services. Contact Us to get a customized quote!

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