Oasis Wellbeing App

Accessible Mental Health Care for All

The Oasis Wellbeing App provides a suite of comprehensive mental health and wellbeing tools, content, and resources.

Oasis Student Mental Health App


Access Oasis on any web browser, iOS, or Android device. Our content is on-demand and Support Counseling appointments are available the same day.


Our user cohorts allow for tailored content and support to be delivered to different groups. The Oasis Wellbeing App can uniquely support students, staff, and guardians.


Oasis content is created and reviewed by licenced clinicians and topic experts. Support Counselors are trained in Motivational Interviewing and brief intervention. ​

Support Counseling 2.0​

24/7 Scheduling. Same Day Appointments.​

1:1 sessions with mental health professionals to help manage stress and promote resilience

Support Counseling 2.0


Oasis Support Counseling sessions are available through 24/7 online scheduling.

Same Day

Support Counseling Sessions are guaranteed to be available same day.

After Hours

Support Counseling Sessions can be scheduled 7 days a week between 12pm and 3am EST.


Counseling centers can easily schedule low-risk students with Oasis to reduce their caseload.

Stress & Resilience Curriculum

Take an assessment and guide animated characters through different situations to learn about stress tolerance, self-efficacy, and growth mindsets.

Resiliency Assessment

The assessment measures resiliency and provides insights on strengths and highlights opportunities for growth.

Stress Introduction Course

Teaches how to identify stress triggers, how stress manifests, and the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress.


Animated scenarios that help students navigate various stressful experiences they may encounter in the future


Retake the resiliency assessment at any time to identify new strengths and growth opportunities.

Oasis Stress & Resilience Curriculum

Self-Care Tools

On-demand content and tools to build stress tolerance, growth mindsets, and self-efficacy. 

Course Library

Self-paced courses on a variety of mental health and wellbeing topics.

Guided Meditations

Short video exercises offer helpful tips on grounding techniques, breathing exercises, managing emotions, mindfulness practices, productivity, and more!

Evidence Based Articles

Clinically reviewed articles written from a strength-based approach. Articles highlight lived experiences, wellbeing strategies, and more! ​

Daily Affirmaitons

Mood boosting affirmations that refresh daily.

Guided Wellbeing Exercises

School Information

Customizable communication tools to improve access and awareness of school information. 


Receive school-related announcements to stay up-to-date on important events and information.​

Contact Cards

Helps students easily know who to reach out to for support or information.

Quick Links

Create custom tiles that can link to any webpage or online resource.

Oasis Mood Log

Mood Log

Track daily moods to recognize trends and receive personalized content.

Daily Logs

Quickly log moods right from the home page.

Quick Tips

Receive actionable tips on how to amplify positive moods and improve negative moods.

Mood History

Easily track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly moods with interactive charts and graphs.

Learn More About Oasis

Find out how Oasis is supporting over 100,000 students worldwide.​

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